WAVZ Nourishing Butter Moisturizer


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Quantity = 1 (8 oz) Jar of WAVZ Nourishing Butter



WAVZ Nourishing Butter, for those that love moisture!

It helps trap moisture leaving you with skin that is smooth, soft and moist and leaves hair feeling fresh and strong!

Ideal for: natural hair,face, hands, feet, arms, legs and back.



1. Dispense a small amount into your palm or fingertip.

2. Apply to skin and scalp as needed.

( Use a very small amount when applying on face as the skin is thinner and more sensitive

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 Our exclusive Wavers Package includes 2 jars of WAVZ Nourishing Butter, a brush,and a detailed PowerPoint sent directly to your email containing the top tips for wave building. Oh yea, did we forget to mention that the results are guaranteed??


Who can use WAVZ Nourishing Butter

How long should I use the Nourishing Butter before I see results?

The results are immediate. Right after applying WAVZ to your hair or skin you will notice a difference.

Are your products tested on animals?

WAVZ Products are not tested on animals. It is safe for hair and skin use.

Does WAVZ Nourishing Butter expire? 

No, the jars are sealed to preserve the freshness. We do suggest keeping it in an room temperature environment and keeping the lid on at all times.

Is WAVZ Nourishing Butter safe for children? 

Yes, WAVZ is safe for children.

When can I expect to receive my product once I purchase? 

Orders should be received between 3 and 4 days of an order being placed.

I have sensitive skin, is it still ok to use? 

Test on a small  area for about 24-48 hours if you have any fear of being allergic to any WAVZ products.